A Little Story about My Life

This time I'm in an "English mood". So, I wanna write in English. Please prepare your dictionary, 'coz from this post you'll know me more. Here we go. Me, you can call me Mboenk, is a little kid. Yes, I still call myself a kid. I haven’t reach an “adult” level ’cause I still study in ATMI, Michael College. Here, I want to share some of my experiences in my life while I’m sailing trough this fuckin’ world.

First I wanna share to you is about myself. Let’s start.

I was born in Indonesia. Very-very beautiful country. But some of our leader’s mind was not as beautiful as their country. Here I found a lot of love, care, friendship, and so on. I’m happy live in Indonesia. I suggest you all to visit this country. I was born in October,5th 1990.
I have a beautiful mom, who always take care about myself seriously. She sacrifices a lot of things to keep me and my sister alive. Oh, I forget to tell that I also have a sister. My father isn’t a responsible man. Sometimes he can be so suck. But whatever, he’s my father. I love him too.

My mother always tell me a lot of things. I think it’s not necessary before. But now I can taste the result. I become a nice guy. I spent my times for doing something useful. Thanks a lot for my mother. I love her more than everything in the world except My Lord Jesus. Both are the biggest grace in my life.

Now I welcome you to follow my life story. I will tell you all about some interesting things that I found in my life. I hope you can take some learnings from there.


Your cyber-friend

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